What’s In A Hacker’s Backpack?

Unassuming young fellow in a dark sweatshirt with hood over his head is toward the edge of the room settled on the screen, and the most worn keys of his console are supports and semicolon. It’s a programmer and right now is rifling your financial balance. This is a typical idea layman has about individuals from this subculture. See the definition from a word reference: “a man who evades security and breaks into a system, PC, document, and so on., as a rule with pernicious purpose: a programmer got into my PC remotely and wiped my hard drive!”.

The word programmer had in Middle English comparative importance as expert, who could make his own particular things (at times with negative significance, while bantering things he doesn’t get it). Just when those understudies began to twit the main PCs, they discovered its undiscovered potential and step by step extended the possibility of programmers, as we see it in films.

The word programmer in the advanced significance reached out in the 1960s at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) as a term for individuals who manage the equipment as a leisure activity and has spread to imaginative circles. We allude it to the general population who use assets in a whimsical way, who search for inventive ways. One gathering of programmers works with programming improvement, others are for the most part into equipment, there is a developing gathering of creators (these are fundamentally individuals from 3D printing), however there are additionally voyagers (Travel Hacking, anybody?) and cooks (nourishment hacking). So what do programmers convey in their pack-sacks?

Investigate the photograph arrangement from the hackerspace Progressbar in Bratislava, Slovakia. Idea and generation was secured Ivana Laila Drobna, an individual from Progressbar, and youthful clever picture taker Martin Haburaj.


Pills for throat, paracetamol, link, glass wipes, modem, patches, USB uart converter, links, charges, charger, 2x earphones, another uart, elastic band, journal, links, SD card, PGP keen card, mouse, outer battery, small scale USB, travel permit, feast vouchers, rationale analyser, screwdriver, SD card peruser, USB center point, pen, desserts, telephone.


Ethernet cable, case for glasses, external charger, thin wall for rj-45, USB 3.0 cables, pin headers, USB external hard drives, calculator, USB 3.0 express card, SSD disc into the CD bay, an alternate outfit (I use bicycle), headphones, notebook, rj-45 connectors, USB cables, cables with ferrules, ft232 converter, dc-dc converter, small contact field, USB key leds, power connectors, stereo splitter, OTG cable, thermal grease, external USB hard drives, 433mhz transmitter and answer, swiss army knife, pen, reduction display port to dvi, phone.




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