He Turns Real Life Television Characters Into Cartoons, And They’re Seriously Awesome!

Bryce Garlick is an expert programming engineer who tosses each ounce of energy he has (outside of being a family man) into being an artist. Garlick has become famous online with his captivating cartoons of great popular society characters that do right by him to be a geek! Garlick implants these characters with his mark creative flare to help us to remember all the ways popular society adds to our lives. What better approach to commend your most loved characters than with some stunning workmanship, by a fan, for fans!?

How about we take a twist through Garlick’s inventory to check whether your most loved characters made the cut!

1. Super Mario Siblings

Who said being a handyman is exhausting? It’s unquestionably not when you’re sparing Princess Peach, engaging the malicious war ruler Bowser, riding your own dinosaur Yoshi, and tossing fireballs!

2. Join from The Legend of Zelda

The place that is known for Hyrule might be delightful, yet there are numerous vile reprobates prowling in the haziness that linger over it. This savage and exquisite area couldn’t request a superior saint than Connection!

3. Jackson “Jax” Teller from Children of Political agitation

Beguiling, California has never seen a fugitive attempting to produce his own particular legacy like Jax. He isn’t reluctant to drop bunches of shots, blood, and bodies along the way, either.

4. Walter White from Breaking Awful

He might be Mr. White or Heisenberg, however he IS the risk since he is “the person who thumps”! You don’t go from being a science educator to a medication kingpin since you had one terrible day.

5. Thor from The Vindicators

Some individuals may know Thor as the child of the relentless Odin or the sibling of the swindler god, Loki. In any case, one name everybody on the planet knows him by is THE Divine force OF THUNDER!

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