Halloween – that period within a calendar year where everyone has rights to scare the hell out of one another. Quite too often, you find people starting arguments about what makes Halloween most memorable. There is no doubt; trick or treating is an important part of the fun, the abundance of sweets, candy, etc. However, for many folks, although only a few would admit it; what makes Halloween memorable is the delight in the fact that many people come out of their shell especially women. Come on, we all appreciate our women in their sexy and scary Halloween costumes, and this is why it is important that we do not shy away from it.

Scary Halloween Costumes


The era of objectifying women and regarding them as second-class citizens is in the past. Today, women hold much sway in our society. They are in charge of institutions, and we have many excelling in their various fields of endeavor compared to periods prior. Notwithstanding, these rather misconstrued labels about women still exist in our society. There is an increase of efforts towards addressing this, but, in this case, the efforts are yielding very few results because they target correcting the norm without addressing the causes. Whereas, the best solution to these problems would only come when women appreciate themselves much more, without necessarily hinging on society’s approval. This is what Halloween offers – An opportunity for people, women especially to have some fun, express their true selves, without the usual negative press attached to such actions.

Forgive the digression from the topic, that part needs to be clear for all of us to understand the angle of which this article holds its opinion.


Scary Halloween Costumes

This years’ Halloween will happen on Tuesday, October 31. What better time to display girl power than Halloween? If you will agree, there is none other time than during Scary Halloween Costumes. If you run through popular Halloween costumes, you will find that most of the costumes meant for female are usually designed to show a great deal of skin, but such is not the case with men. Men costumes appear more covered up and lack detail. Gradually, this misconception has permeated deep into our society and is sadly giving Halloween, which was declared as an occasion to celebrate departed saints by the Roman Catholic Church many years ago a bad image. Women should not have to seek any one’s permission to wear whatever they choose any day of the year. What cannot, and should never be allowed by any woman; is an indirectly laid down rule about when, where and what a woman can dress to show her sexy nature.

Halloween is an exciting time, but what can be much more exciting is if women realized that they have all the control. We often say, “The way you dress is a sign of what you believe about yourself and your place in the world.” For any woman, the strongest weapon in your arsenal is being comfortable in your skin and being able to carry your sexy self without being subject to opinions. While we have continued to channel efforts into availing women of equal rights and opportunities, the results do not seem to be commensurate with the efforts; however, these issues can be dragged down the wire when women exercise their rights to dress and be sexy on all days of the year.


Halloween is roughly a month away, so while perusing the stores for your costumes, women should not be on the lookout for the scary costumes, but also the sexy costumes too. More so, the sexy and scary Halloween costumes are an absolute delight. Do not get it wrong – sexy does not necessarily translate to revealing, in better descriptive terms, the dressing is sexy as long as it feels comfortable and expressive about the wearer. Halloween offers us an incredible opportunity to right many wrongs in our society, much of which is in the hands of women in most cases. Picture this – every cadre of society partakes in Halloween especially children who go around tricking or treating. Much of the things we hope to correct can be encouraged that way. This way, we can continue to make Halloween continually memorable without being told how to live.


Scary Halloween Costumes Scary Halloween Costumes

Women dressing sexy would not only make Halloween sexy but every other day of the year. A woman’s appeal lies in the way she carries herself, therefore. the task of correcting the views. About how women should dress in certain corners lies ultimately in the hands of women.

You can dress as a Zombie, Police, Firefighter, Nun, Bunny, etc. yet exude your sexiness in a way that does not necessarily reveal your body.

For some other. being dressed sexy may be dressing to reveal some body parts. There should be no holds barred as long as you are comfortable. In what you wear!

Do not forget that the dressings should be spooky, clean and fitting for Halloween.

It is high time women take charge of what we all perceive them to be. Our society is too laid back on certain things that have to do with gender equality. Certainly, one of those issues is not the way a sexy woman should appear. That definition should be an exclusive reserve of a woman’s interpretation of what sexiness means.

At a time where there is so, many rumors of wars brewing nuclear weapons between the US and North Korea. Halloween affords us all an opportunity to appreciate the little things in life. While negotiations and counter negotiations are highly encouraged between the parties. What is non-negotiable is the fact that a woman can dress.

Scary every other day of the year and not only during Halloween. What is also non-negotiable is the fact that sexy does not mean revealing. Sexy means comfort.
Come 31 October, be sexy, scary.

Trick and treat but most importantly. do not forget that women can choose to be sexy and yet scary whichever way they want.

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