5 Things Only Sisters Will Understand in 2016!

Having a sister is presumably one of the best and, on occasion, most noticeably awful things ever. Case in point, the benefit of having entry to a second closet implies that yours will get attacked on occasion, and it will dependably be the freshest most in vogue thing (presumably something launder just) that vanishes. Be that as it may, notwithstanding the opposition, quibbling, and gnawing, there’s no denying you cherish one another. So out of appreciation for the genuine bond, here are 19 things just sisters get it!

1. The competition for attention was on for as long as you can remember 


Source: reddit / the_Pessimist91

2. The battle for territory on the bathroom counter

Source: Twitter / @Davey_Bullard_

3. This battle often spread to the shower

Source: reddit / katiecomfort_

4. The physical nature of some arguments!

Source: Twitter / @bellaggordon

5. The flattery required to borrow an item of clothing

Source: Twitter / @Kimbrocli

Main image via tumblr / theperksofbeingateengirl

Collage image via Twitter / @Davey_Bullard_

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