5 Sailor Moon Nail Designs To Let Out Your Inner Moon Prism Power!

Do you spend your time fighting evil by the moonlight? Do you often win love by the daylight? Is it unlike you to ever run from a real fight? If you’re the type who never turns your back on your friends and you are always there to defend, then you just might need to check out these Sailor Moon nail designs.

If you were a girl in the 90s, you surely followed the strange anime adventures of the Sailor girls. If you don’t know much about the show, here’s the lowdown: by daylight, they were ordinary schoolgirls living a typical earthling life including such activities as gossiping, shopping, and chasing boys. By night, they became the toughest female superhero team ever. Lead by an adorable black cat named Luna, the girls really kicked butt, and looked awesome while doing it. The series was a major pop cultural phenomenon and there are still super fans to this day.

If you want to be a Sailor Scout, you should definitely check out the following 12 Sailor Moon-inspired nail designs.

1: Sailor Tips

If French tips are your thing then you need to try these adorable Sailor tips. Use gel polish for the bows to create a bit of dimension and a bright color pop.

Source: Instagram / @kristine.gretz


 2: Pink and Gold

These holographic gold tiaras and pink sparkle tips create a look worthy of wielding the moon scepter. Go Moon Prism Power!

Source: Instagram / @chicaartistanails


3: Stamp Out The Dark Forces

This galactic look was achieved by applying a Sailor Moon stamp to a purple gradient base. This look stands for justice AND love!

Source: Instagram / @helisoo


4: Are You a Manicure Sailor?

These nail designs were created from scratch and painted on. If you have crazy art skills then you could try this one for yourself and share the results with us. Successes and failures are both acceptable.

Source: Instagram / @xiaxue


5: Sailor Saturn!

If you look great in purple, why not try out this Sailor Saturn look complete with purple glitter. Sailor Saturn’s run on the show was limited but she had the power to destroy and recreate entire planets. This girl is badass.

Source: Instagram / @lynnvuong

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